We provide the best service and offer products having 5 to 8 years warranty something unimaginable and unrivaleds                                                 



Korea’s No. 1 office furniture company, blinds, curtains, artificial turf, awnings from France and Korea and other top-of the line products                                      


AUTHENTIC premium products

Our products are authentic Korean that are not comparable to Chinese products and other products whose suppliers only use the name Korean.


Story About Us

Our showroom are located at MC Home Depot BGC and CW Home Depot Alabang.

Our  office and factories are located in Ortigas with more than 100 professional staff providing customized products to customers. Thousands of people have been our satisfied customers for five years.  


We provide products that satisfy customers through 1: 1 consultation with our customers.

Measuring / Quotation

We will provide you with an accurate free quotation through site visit. Depending on the product, we also provide 3D images, so you can preview the products you purchased before installation.

Supply / Install

After the product has been customized, we will install it promptly and completely, and guarantee it for the following warranty period. (Furniture: 5 years, blinds : 8 years, artificial turf : 8 years, others 3-5 years)

Meet Clients Behind
Our Success .

With Korea’s No. 1 office furniture company, premium blinds, high-quality curtains, artificial turf, awnings from France and Korea, and other top-of-the-line products, WINDOWAY will revolutionize your home and office needs.

What Client Say .

  • The office furniture do not disappoint. The quality is superb and is incomparable to existing furniture in the market. If you look at your furniture requirements as an investment, you can never go wrong with KOAS products.

    Value Customer
  • I am very satisfied with the fast delivery and installation. The staff is very efficient when it comes to schedule and responding to messages. I had two of my units installed with their window blinds and I’m very satisfied.

    Susan Oposa
    Value Customer
  • I am very happy with how the curtains look after installation. Even if our huge windows are curved, WINDOWAY motorized curtain rails are flexible enough to be bent and to fit in the narrow curtain grooves.

    Value Customer
  • The window blinds totally changed the ambiance of our interior. Our condo looks more homey and cozy. Thank you Windoway!

    Value Customer
  • The artificial turf is of superb quality – the fiber doesn’t fall off and comes with a whopping 8-year warranty!

    Value Customer